Transcript of Telephone conversation

"Hello,.... You're fired.

You're fired.

Yes, speaking,.... You're fired.

I don't care,.... You're fired.

I'm sorry but you're fired.

Mm hm, yes, well, you're fired.

I see. Well, you're fired.

Yes, you're fired. No, you're fired. Okay,.... Bye!

Hello. No, no, you're fired.

Hello, yes? You're fired.

Hello. You're fired.

You're fired.

You are fired.

I'm sorry, we no longer require your services. You're fired.

Consider yourself fired.

Goodbye, you're fired.

No, no, you're fired. Goodbye.

This is he speaking. You're fired.

I don't care. No, I just don't care. You're fired. Goodbye.

Hello, yes, no. You're fired. Goodbye.

You're fired."

Telephone conversation, 1995

4 minutes 32 seconds, SVHS

Performance to video camera. Shown as single channel video on CRT monitor with speakers, on a plinth, or projected.

First shown in the exhibition, New Contemporaries at Tate Liverpool, 1996. Subsequently shown in numerous other exhibitions.

This work exists as an edition of 5 (+AP) and is represented in the public collection of the Arts Council of England.